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16 – 18 November 2015

Brisbane, Queensland

Urban Design Conference Video Archive

From Nov 9th you can access the archive containing 90 conference presentations from 2011/2012.  All presentations are listed below.  A 12 month subscription will cost $99 for past delegates and $199 for those who have not attended the conference.

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Presentation List

Long Life, Loose Fit, Low Energy - Mr David Marks, Managing Director, Marks Barfield Architects, United Kingdom

Planning for Failure: assessing a city's resilience to the effects of climate and natural disaster - Mr David Singleton, Arup Director, Global Planning Leader and Group Sustainability Director

Making the 21st Century Metropolis. How Paris is showing the way - Mr Tim Williams, Tim Williams Architects, Australia

The Resilient City - Ms Sue Holliday, Managing Director at Strategies for Change, Australia

Creating Places for People - developing the first Australian Urban Design Protocol - Ms Sara Stace, Director National Urban Policy, Major Cities Unit, Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Australia

Towards a greater understanding of the role and value of urban design in Australian Cities - Mr Craig Baynham, Urban Designer ,THG, Australia

Bridging the Gap: using systems thinking to increase our understanding of place - Ms Diana Griffiths, Senior Associate, Arup, Australia

A new policy tool kit is required to build resilient cities - Mr Brian Haratsis, Managing Director, MacroPlan Australia

Qualities of the resilient city revealed from macrohistory - Dr Phillip Daffara, Dr Phillip Daffara, Principal, FutureSense, Australia

Gold Coast Light Rail Corridor: Urban Design Frameworks and Guidelines  - Mr Jack Bryce, Urban Design Team Leader, Gold Coast City Council

Delivering Key Community Assets in Transport and Road Infrastructure - Mr David Lennox, Associate, HASSELL, Australia

Active Reform: improving opportunities for cycling in Perth, Western Australia - Dr Ryan Falconer, Senior Transport Planner, Arup, WA

Smart Energy Zones: Developing resilient communities through sustainable energy solutions - Ms Susan Lindsay, Project Manager, Sustainability Victoria

Resilient Design in CBDs: Re-thinking built form controls - Ms Kate Pleban, Ms Tina Ngu, Urban Designer & Planner, Planisphere, Australia

Is the Australian suburb really as good as it gets? - Prof Paul Burton, Prof Paul Burton, Professor of Urban Management and Planning, Griffith University

Designing Sustainable Precincts - Mr Mark Allan Associate Director, Billard Leece Partnership Architects, Australia

McUnits - Supersizing the inner city lifestyle  - Ms Anne White, Senior Strategic Planner, Woollahra Council, NSW

Opportunities for Resilience, Density and Affordability in the Flood Sensitive City - A/Prof Peter Skinner, Master of Architecture, University of Queensland

Urban planning and fire design. Should communities protect themselves against the spread of fire from neighbours? - Mr David Cox, Director, Cox Architects

Insurance companies and urban design - Mr Andrew Hammonds, Owner, Placefocus, Australia

Designing with Plants and Turf that survive the environmental extremes  - Mr Todd Layt, Director, Ozbreed Pty Ltd, Australia

Challenges to Reintegrating Food Systems - Mr Nick McGowan, Associate, LVO' Archtiecture

Integrated Water-Energy-GHG Management for Sustainable Future - Dr Meenakshi Arora, University of Melbourne

Maximising Liveability: Minimising Consumption  - Mr Jon Shinkfield, Director, Design + Planning, AECOM

MAKE NO SMALL PLANS... A Challenge to all Planning and Urban Design Professionals - Ms Emma de Jager, Manager, Town Planning and Urban Design, Cardno

A resilience framework as a tool for urban design - A/Prof Penny Allan and Martin Bryant, School of Architecture, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

The Luxuriant City: Key Principles for Landscape Responsive Mediumrise Residential Design in the Subtropics - Mr John Loneragan, Director, Studio Tekton

From Transit to Transit Oriented Development - Case study of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project - Mr David Mepham, Coordinator Transport Futures, Gold Coast City Council

Integrated Approach of Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation in a Metro Project - Mr Phillip Roos, Sustainable Design Practice Leader, Sinclair Knight Merz

Lines of Motion: Scales of Architecture Transcend the Divide between Design & Planning   - Mr Liam Filson, M Arch. (UNSW), Ms Suzanne Little MSc. BSc. Dip.Ed. MEIANZ

A Tale of Two Cities: Contrasting Challenges for NZ's Two Largest Cities - Mr Alistair Ray, Associate Director - Senior Urban Designer, Jasmax, New Zealand

Delivering sustainable precincts: moving from vision to viable reality - Mr Peter Steele, Coordinator - Urban Development, Moreland Energy Foundation

Big flats in the suburbs, a question of density and context - Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon, Assistant Director, Historic Houses Trust of NSW

The Application of Sustainable Neighbourhood Design in Creating Urban Livelihood - Mr Abu Hoque, Urban Designer & Senior Associate, Harrison Grierson Consultants, New Zealand

HardenUp.org - an interactive hazard visualisation & social media platform encouraging property & community resilience - Mr Jeremy Mansfield, Head of Development, Green Cross Australia

Towards Fire Resilience in Suburban Morphology - Dr Alan March, University of Melbourne

Green designs - How do you make your green building GREEN? Greenwall sustainability and possibilities; a contractor's perspective - Mr Jonathon Grealy, Business Manager, PlantUp Australia

Cultural conversations, unexpected design outcomes: A resilient city through community engagement - Mr Phin Murphy, Director, Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd Australia

Interaction and networking offline: social histories and connectivity, design solutions for public spaces - Ms Caroline McCaw, Senior Lecturer and Academic Leader, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Comprehensive Resilience in Urban Design - Prof Gordon Holden, Head of Architecture, Griffith University, QLD

Great Expectations: The Challenge of Embracing Adaptive Urban Change - Mr Alastair Leighton, Associate Director - Design, AECOM Australia

Swarming landscapes, a new pathway to realise resilient cities - Mr Rob Roggema, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University, Melbourne

Dynamic Urban Modelling > Gold Coast Case Studies - A/Prof Leigh Shutter, Alejandro Cohn, Director, PLACE Design Group Pty Ltd

From concept to delivering a new urban community: developing tools and mechanisms that go beyond the regulatory planning system - Miss Vanita Ranchhod, Auckland Council and Mr David Irwin, Isthmus, New Zealand

The Universal House - a multidisciplinary approach to designing responsive and inclusive housing - Ms Colleen Rowe, Occupational Therapist, Workable Living Australia

Creating engaging places for young people: beyond skateboards and playgrounds - Dr Beau Beza, Lecturer, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Community Involvement as a Key Requirement for a Sustainable Physical Environment: Recent NT Evidence - Mr Geoff Barker, Design Manager, Territory Alliance/PM+D Architects, WA and NT

Is it time? A National Policy on Architecture and Urban Design - Mr Adam Davies,

Towards a New Urban Praxis - Mr Rohan Dickson, Director, Urbis

Towards a sustainability indicator set for Australian cities - Dr Paul Osmond, University of New South Wales

CODE GREEN: An examination of the Architectural and Landscape Code at The Ecovillage and how it facilitates an urgent green shift in new residential communities - Ms Amy Degenhart, Director, degenhartSHEDD

Two-tier approach to green building design and assessment - Dr Mirek Piechowski, Head  Building Science Group, Meinhardt Australia Pty Ltd

Planning beyond Eco-Bling - Ms Brigitte Buchholz , Head  Building Science Group, Meinhardt Australia Pty Ltd  

Moving towards a carbon neutral community Lochiel Park - Mr Philip Donaldson, Director Sustainability, LMC  

Humps, Bumps and Lumps - Quality control of Landscape Materials in Construction - Murray Fraser , Sydney Environmental and Soil Laboratory

Creative Commons for Future Cities - Dr John Troughton, Director, Guntonia Investments

The comeback of the humble Street - Mr Steven Burgess , McCormick Rankin Cagney, Australia

Where will the Children Play? - Ms Stephanie Wyeth, Director  Social Planning, URBIS  

A deep sigh of relief  planning for fear. Critical urban planning considerations - Mr Peter Scott, Principal Landscape Architect, COMPLETE Urban   

Food in My Back Yard (FIMBY) Implementing Urban Agriculture in Australian Suburbs - Mr Ned Wales, Assistant Professor, Bond University   

Troll Habitat: Brisbane s most rapidly growing Urban condition - Mr Peter Edwards , Director, Archipelago, QLD

Mapping Resilience: A Framework for Changing Cities - Ms Magdalena Kowalik and Dr Mirko Guaralda, Queensland University of Technology  

Crowdsourced Placemaking - Ms Kate McMahon, Director of Placemaking, Village Well

Teenagers!  Loiterers or legitimate users of public space? Why they should be a key consideration when designing our cities and how they can be act - Mr Aaron Wallis  

The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD): A New Tool in Urban Resilience - Dr Steven Fleming, Lecturer, The University of Newcastle  

Improvement to the quality of urban public spaces in Hama city, Syria: Investigating the social spatial approach - Mrs Iman Alsumsam, Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom

What happens if you try and develop National Urban Design Standards? - Mr Adam Beck, Manager Sustainable Communities, Green Building Council of Australia  

An urban design revolution led from the top - a local government case study - Mr Brent McAlister, Executive Director, Sustainable Development, Lismore City Council

Assessing population limits: A carrying capacity approach to planning - Mr Murray Lane , QUT

Best Practice Sustainable Precincts: International Experience and Implications for Australia - Ms Kate Noble and Mr Peter Steele , Moreland Energy Foundation

Ecosystem Resilience in an Urban Setting - Miss Kirsty Chessher, EnviroDevelopment National Manager, Urban Development Institute of Australia (QLD)  

The Carbon Neutral Building Design - Mr Anthony Marklund , Associate Director, Umow Lai

Distributed generation and the future of urban energy supply - Mr Paul Murfitt, CEO, Moreland Energy Foundation

Sustainable development and heritage: the value of built heritage - Dr Lynne Armitage, Associate Professor of Urban Development, ISDA Bond University

Distributed systems: Building resilience through networked localisation - Mr Che Biggs, Research Fellow, Victorian Eco-innovation Lab, University of Melbourne

Panel Discussion : The Changing Face of Surfers Paradise - Virginia Rigney, Barry Lee, Cr Susie Douglas, Tory Jones

Innovation and integration in the development of Vancouver's neighbourhood fabric - Mr Roger Bayley, Principle, Roger Bayley Inc, Canada  

'Leaping back': small steps towards the sustainable city - Adjunct Professor Paul Pholeros, Director of Healthabitat and Principle of Paul Pholeros Architects

Climate Adaption Strategies - Dr Deborah Dearing, National Manager, Strategic Urban Planning, Stockland  

Grounding the Future - Heritage, Place and Urban Design - Andrew Tongue, Departmental Secretary, Department of Planning and Community Development, Victorian Government

In Public: Urban Design New York City - Alexandros Washburn, Director of Urban Design, Department of City Planning, New York City USA

Creating cities: process, possibility and renewal - Marcus Westbury, founder Renew Australia, Melbourne, Victoria

Initiatives for a Transitional City - Mr Tim Church Principal Urban Designer, Boffa Miskell Limited, New Zealand

Brush Park Gardens - A Conceptual Demonstration Project Sustainable Urban Agriculture In a historic Detroit Neighborhood - Mr Ron Omilian, Founder, 42nd Parallel Group, USA

The whole business of what can and should be done - Mr Richard Reid, Director, Richard Reid & Associates Ltd, New Zealand  

Opportunistic Destinations: Transforming Railway Stations into Sustainable Urban Centres - Phillip Roos, Practice Leader Sustainable Design, Sinclair Knight Merz, VIC

The time series effects of traditional retail market renewal projects in small and mid-sized cities in South-Korea - A/Prof Keong gu Hong, Associate Professor, Daegu University, South Korea

Delivering Quality Intensification in the Suburbs: A Case Study of University Hill, Melbourne, Australia - Dr Lee Beattie, Deputy Head Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland

Opportunity beckons - realising the potential of the Gold Coast post light rail and Commonwealth Games preservation - Mr Dan Barr, Senior Project Officer - City building & economic program, Gold Coast City Council, Qld   

Avoiding evidence and making change? - Mr Paul Pholeros, Architect, Healthabitat, Newport Beach, NSW  

Dealing with the Impact of Cars on Urban Design - Ms Silvija Smits, Principal - Planning, Hassel, NSW

Regenerating our regional towns: A case study of Bairnsdale - Mr Tim Biles, Director, Message Consultants, Collingwood, VIC  

Mapping urban residual space and exploring opportunities for the re use of existing buildings - Mr Chris Tucker, Lecturer, University of Newcastle, School of Architecture and Built Environment, NSW  

Making a purse from a sow's ear: how imaginative regeneration can create added value from neglected spaces - Chris Bailey, Head of Partnerships & Innovation, Westway Development Trust, London UK

Forum Panel: Justine Clark, Alexandros Washburn USA, Chris Bailey UK, Professor Rob Adams, Giovanni Cirillo, Ms Caroline Stalker,

Toward Better Buildings: A Design Code for Moreland - Liz Nairn, Major Projects Strategic Planner, City Strategy and Design, Moreland City Council

Does place-making lead to socially sustainable communities? Study of the Fortitude Valley Renewal Plan - Dr Sebastien Darchen, Lecturer in Planning, School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management QUT

Bonus Video

Urban Design Opportunity in the Spanish Planning System - Mr Larry Parsons, Director Urban Design, Department of Planning and Community Development, VIC

Urban Trends in City Making - Ms Kylie Legge, Director, Place Partners, Sydney, NSW  

Cross-pollinating Urban Design Approaches: Applying a Systems Thinking Approach to Urban Developments - Mr Christoph Begert, Senior Associate, Sustainable Built Environments, VIC

Public bike share: Understanding the impacts on cities - Mr Elliot Fishman, The Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety QUT

Irresistible force and immovable objects: Challenges faced by local councils in increasing residential densities whilst maintaining urban flexibility and amenity - Dr Helen Wilkins, Councillor, Warringah Council, NSW

Local initiatives & metropolitan opportunities The Penrith Project. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Mr Timothy Williams, Architect, Campement Urbain & Tim Williams Architects, NSW

State of flux - planning reform proposals for NSW - Mr Michael Neustein, Michael Neustein Planning - Design - Architecture, NSW

Opportunistic Urban Design - Development to Meet the Financial Consequences of the GFC - Mr Stephen Holmes, Director, Connor Holmes, Adelaide, SA

A Tale of Three Cities: Sydney, Melbourne competition and the emergence of Brisbane - Mr Paul Walter, Director, City Plan Services, Sydney, NSW

Re-settling Australia - Dr Julian Bolleter, Assistant Professor, Australian Urban Design Research Centre/ University of WA

Thinking Outside the Big-Box: Design Strategies for Intensification of Melbourne's Regional Shopping Malls - Ms Lee-Anne Khor, Research Associate, Monash Architecture Studio, Monash University, VIC

How much is enough? Defining the shape and scale of suburban regeneration - Mr Jonathan Knapp, Director, SJB Urban, NSW

Catalyst - Infrastructure : Urban Design : Public Realm - Mr David Lennox, Associate Urban Designer and Architect, HASSELL, QLD

Innovative strategies to foster spatial and social resilience in high vulnerability suburban environments - Mrs Aida Leon, Graduate Master of Sustainable Design, University of SA, Adelaide SA

Performative Urbanism: Fiction and Narrative as Instruments for Civic Engagement - Mr Thomas Rivard, Director, Lean Productions, NSW   

Adopting a formal process of design review for Victoria: the opportunities - Ms Emma Appleton, Director, Victorian Design Review Panel, Office of the Victorian Government Arch

Opportunistic Urbanism: Birrarung Pools and B1;Veloway, Melbourne - Donald L. Bates, Chair - Architectural Design, University of Melbourne, VIC

Three angles and two examples of OPPORTUNISTIC URBAN DESIGN: Rottnest Island Western Australia and Galiwinku Community, Northern Territory - Mr Geoff Barker, PM+D Architects, Perth, WA   

The Carbon Landscape -Using the Free Market to Fight Climate Change - Mr Craig Pocock, Director, Pocock Design Environment Limited, New Zealand

Urban Design Possibilities and Barriers for Mid-size American City   - Prof Thomas Sammons, Professor of Architecture, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

Temporary Use, A tool for planning and developing the new urban context - Mr Rasmus Frisk, Instructor, Architecture and Urban Design, Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Denmark   

Developing Sustainable Urban Design Principles through the Analysis of Maori performance   - Dr Rebecca Kiddle, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design, Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, China

Why the 1917 Geddes Plan did not materialise: Planning for Planning Sake in the case of Dhaka - Mr Bayezid Choudhury, University of Sydney , NSW

Public spaces in the advanced hi-technology infrastructure of the U-City: lessons from Seoul - Dr Sunny Choi, Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Transforming Historic City Centres An Integrated Approach of Urban Design & Historic preservation preservation - A/Prof Seemantini Soraganvi Asst Professor, SMAID New Vallabh Vidyanagar Gujrat, India

The Idea of Small Urban Space - Mr William Thornton, University of Auckland, New Zealand  

Interstitial Natures: The Alternative Production of Space - Dr Marieluise Jonas, Lecturer, R.M.I.T. University, VIC  

The opportunites in an Urban Design approach to major infrastructure to contribute to the productivity of Cities and Regions - Mr Gareth Collins, Manager, Centre for Urban Design, Roads and Maritime Services, Sydney, NSW  

Urban Informality in the Developing World: Opportunistic Urban Design Processes and Prototypes for the Developed World - Mr Jeremy Schluter, School of Architecture and Building, Deakin University, Geelong VIC