Urban Design Australia 2014 Program

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Monday 1st September 2014

8.00 – 9.00am

Registration with Arrival Tea and Coffee

9.00 – 9.05am

Welcome – Mr Michael Neustein
Conference Co-Chair and Director, Neustein Urban

9.05 – 9.30am

Official Opening – Mr Ben Hewett
South Australian Government Architect and Executive Director, Office for Design and Architecture SA (ODASA)

9.30 – 10:00am

Professor Graeme Hugo

ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Adelaide, SA


Implications of Demographic Change for Developing Productive Cities: The Australian Case

10.00 – 10:30am

Dr Marcus Spiller

Economist and Planner, SGS Economics & Planning, VIC


An Infrastructure Agenda for Australian Cities

10.30 – 11.00am

Morning Tea

11.00 – 11:30am

Mr Ludo Campbell-Reid

Design Champion, Manager Environmental Strategy & Policy, Auckland Council, New Zealand


The Rise of the Design-Led City

11.30 – 12.00pm

Mr Malcolm Snow

Chief Executive, National Capital Authority, ACT


Capital Prospects: Canberra’s Next Century

12.00 – 12.30pm

Professor Rachel Davey

Professor of Health Research, University of Canberra, ACT


Health by Design

12.30 – 1.30pm



Whole City Thinking

Strategic Planning

Urban Design Projects

Active Transport

Open Stream

Room: Ballroom

Session Chair: Kelvin Walsh

Room: Banksia 1

Session Chair: Peter Steele

Room: Banksia 2

Session Chair: Jennifer Calzini

Room: Grevillea 1

Session Chair: Dean Landy

Room: Grevillea 2

Session Chair: Guy Luscombe

1.30 – 2.00pm

Integrating the Vertical and the Horizontal

Collaborative Planning Praxis for Accessibility, Diversity and Flexibility

The BaT (Bus and Train) Project, Brisbane. A precinct planning and urban design project within a major priority transport project

The Contribution of a Transport Urban Design Approach, to revitalising urban areas

Social Capital: Increasing the Social Interaction Potential of our Cities



Dr Ben Guy


Urban Circus


Mr Geoff Barker


PM+D Architects P/L



Mr Paul Schmidt

Director - Property, Planning and Urban Design, Bus and Train Project

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Mr Gareth Collins

Principal Manager

Center for Urban Design

Roads and Maritime Services

Ms Lauren Kajewski

National Social Planning and Infrastructure Manager



2.02 – 2.32pm

“You can’t do that here!” – Place Management, the challenges that lie ahead

Negotiated Urban Form: The Oregon Regional Problem Solving Process at Work

Alphington Park: Re-lifing of the AMCOR site in Melbourne

Interchanging: Responsive transport infrastructures for twenty-first century urban digital culture

Redeveloping Parklands – Plan of Development


Mr Stuart Heseltine


Hemisphere Design


Prof Edward Sullivan

Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

Portland State University

Mr Caimin McCabe

Director, Cundall


Ms Nicole Gardner

University of Technology Sydney

Mr Peter Edwards

Director Archipelago

2.34 – 3.04pm

Global Challenges of Accelerating Urbanization

Revitalising the 21st Century Urban Centre | Unplanning the Planned

Converge Connect Coexist - Future Visions for our City


Foster + Partners SkyCycle and the Technological Sublime

Innovation and urban regeneration: Going beyond traditional approaches


Mr Michael Hegarty

Principal & Manager - Architecture and Urban Design

GHD Woodhead

Mr Michael Cowdy

Associate Urban Designer McGregor Coxall

Mr Stephen Pearse



Mr Lee Roberts

University of Tasmania


Ms Urmi Buragohain

Kingston City Council

3.04 – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea




Whole City Thinking

Whole City Thinking

Urban Design Projects


Informal Settlement

Room: Ballroom

Session Chair: Tanya Vincent

Room: Banksia 1

Session Chair: James Tuma

Room: Banksia 2

Session Chair: Jon King

Room: Grevillea 1

Session Chair: Sally Swanson

Room: Grevillea 2

Session Chair: James Whitten

3.30 – 4.00pm

The Australian City in the 21st Century

City as Transport: More than Moving People


Railway Stations - Catalysts For Urban Regeneration: Three Case Studies: Regional Rail Link Project: Footscray - Deer Park

The visualisation of a small coastal town to 2050

Shaping informality.

The role of street-based strategies in revitalizing informal and low-income areas


Mr Sasha Ivanovich


AURA Urban & Regional Alliance

Mr Daniel Bennett




Mr Andrew Hancock

Associate HASSELL

Mr Murray Herron

PhD Candidate and Planner Deakin University

A/Prof Oscar Carracedo

National University of Singapore


4.02 – 4.32pm

The Changing Face of our Cities


Providing Transport Choice: providing decision makers with metrics that measure competition between modes

Newcastle's East End Revitalisation: Delivering Change


Impact assessment of street trees in the City of Melbourne using temporal high polygon 3D canopy modelling

Informal Settlements and Placemaking: The Case of Caracoli barrio in Bogotá



Mr James Rosenwax

Business Line Leader - Design, Planning & Economics


Mr Paul Durdin


Abley Transportation Consultants


Mr Jonathan Knapp


SJB Urban

Dr Marcus White

University of Melbourne


Dr Beau Beza

Program Director
International Urban and Environmental Management

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

4.34 – 5.04pm

Will tactical urbanism transform urban planning?


Towards a Pro-Urban Architecture

An objective approach to place identity: exploring Melbourne’s capacity for more productive established suburbs


Parking Pleasure: How do you use parking to transform towns into places people love?

What’s the use? Discussions with practitioners about the costs and benefits of good apartment design


Dr David Week


Cities By Citizens


Ms Lucinda Hartley


Cities By Citizens


Mr Michael Jeffreson

Design Director

Demaine Partnership Architects

Mr Jeremy Schluter

Deakin University

Mr Stephen Moore

Principal, Robertsday


Dr Trivess Moore

RMIT University


5.05 – 6.30pm

Welcome Reception – SAHMRI, North Terrace Terrace - Proudly hosted by the Office for Design and Architecture SA (ODASA)


Welcome Reception proudly hosted by:


Tuesday 2nd September 2014


Registration with arrival Tea and Coffee





Whole City Thinking

Strategic Planning

Urban Design Projects


Open Stream

Room: Ballroom

Session Chair: Tim Robinson

Room: Banksia 1

Session Chair: Geoff Barker

Room: Banksia 2

Session Chair: Paul Schmidt

Room: Grevillea 1

Session Chair: Lauren Kajewski

Room: Grevillea 2

Session Chair: Jeremy Schluter


  9.00 – 9.30am

The Auckland Design Manual – urban design best practice and learning international lessons


Creating Healthy Cities: An exemplar integrated and strategic partnership – the Healthy Built Environments Program

Designing for Compact Living: An Architectural Exploration of Occupant Behaviours and Community Preferences to Medium Density Housing Precincts

The Housing Challenge:

London density / Sydney style / Shanghai speed


‘Imagineering’ Maroochydore’s Future City Centre



Mr Peter Maxwell

Team Leader 

Urban Design

Auckland Council


A/Prof Susan Thompson



Ms Melinda Dodson

Principal Architect and PhD Candidate

Melinda Dodson Architects and University of Canberra

Mr David Tickle

Urban Design Sector Leader



Mr Craig Addley

Associate and Senior Urban Designer, PLACE Design Group 


  9.32– 10.02am

Christchurch and Palmyra - Urban Regeneration Case studies


Good Design as Professional Discretion: Planning Practice Perspectives

Living Better with Density – Vitamin G Above 25m


Becoming Urban: Residential Planning on the Edge of Chinese Cities

Caboolture West and the 'CabPat' - designing an urban extension for 70,000 people and 17,000 jobs in South East Queensland



Mr Gavin Kain


Woods Bagot


Ms Georgina Hafteh

Urban Designer
Woods Bagot

Ms Marsita Omar

PhD Researcher / Urban Planner

University of Melbourne

Mr Anthony Thorp

Principal, Devesus

A/Prof Duanfang Lu

The University Of Sydney

Mr Michael McKeown

Senior Urban Planner & Designer Jensen Planning + Design


 10.04– 10.34am

An incremental rebuild. A re-activated Central City in post-quake Christchurch

Precinct Planning For Sustainability - The Armstrong Creek Experience

Creating vibrant communities in greenfield suburbs

Creating positive places in the World's Global Cities: International design 101 and beyond

Selecting quality ingredients for the urban consolidation recipe: the case of medium-density housing



Mr Jon King


Design  King Company

Mr Peter Steele

Senior Consultant - Sustainability


Mr Dean Landy



Mr Mario López González Garza

La Salle University, Department of Architecture, Mexico

Ms Jasmine Palmer

PhD Candidate

University of Adelaide

10.34– 11.00am

Morning Tea


Whole City Thinking

Whole City Thinking

Design Process

Financing for Compact Cities


Room: Ballroom

Session Chair: Marcus White

Room: Banksia 1

Session Chair: Trivess Moore

Room: Banksia 2

Session Chair: Sharon Mackay

Room: Grevillea 1

Session Chair: Stuart Heseltine

Room: Grevillea 2

Session Chair: Daniel Bennett

11.00– 11.30am

Designing the Biophilic City

Growing city resilience: Integrating urban agriculture in the urban ecology

City of Liverpool in NSW: Revitalisation by Design


Greening, Regenerative and Improvement Districts (GRIDs): Alternative funding mechanisms for low carbon development

A City that Works for Everyone: An International Design Perspective on Incorporating Strategies of Universal Design and Sustainability


Mr Ian Shears

Manager Urban Landscapes

City of Melbourne

Ms Suzette Jackson

Deakin University

Ms Jennifer Calzini

Associate Director



Mr Mark Kuhne

DesignLeader Urbis

Mr Giles Thomson


Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

Ms Sally Swanson

Founding Principal and CEO

Sally Swanson Architects



11.32– 12.02pm

Strategic Urban Design: A response to planning hubris and delusion

Harnessing growth for effective change


Street Party – How Innovative and Integrated Transport and Urban Design is Producing Results in Adelaide’s Streets 

Home delivery: do you want density with that?

Design & Territory: Tools for a new phase of infrastructure-led urbanization


A/Prof Roderick Simpson

Urban Design Program

University of Sydney

Ms Diana Griffiths

Urban Design Studio GL

Miss Lisel Ashby

Registered Landscape Architect

Jensen Planning + Design

Ms Tanya Vincent

Associate Urban Design


Mr Tim Corcoran

Senior Urban Designer



Mr James Whitten

Msc. Architect - Urban Designer

5th Thesis Research Initiative


12.04 – 12.34pm

The Value of our Public Realm: A Quantitative Assessment Tool

Unlocking the latent potential in our major health precincts: An urban design approach to positioning, partnering and place-making

Brisbane’s City Centre Master Plan 2014

New Funding Options for Urban Renewal

New housing for the new aged




Ms Lauren Clerey

Senior Urban Designer

SJB Urban


Mr Adam Davies




A/Prof James Tuma

National Director


Mr Joe Langley

Technical Director Infrastructure Advisory


Mr Guy Luscombe

GLAD Studio



12.34 – 1.30pm


1.30 – 2.00pm

Mr Robert Caulfield

Architect, Caulfield Krivanek Architects Pty Ltd, VIC


China’s Productive Cities, Reality or Myth?

2.00 – 2.30pm

Dr Christine Satchell

Senior Research Fellow, Urban Informatics Research Lab, Queensland University of Technology, QLD


Electric Avenue: Power to the People

2.30 – 3.00pm

Ms Caroline Stalker

Director, Architectus and Adjunct Professor, School of Design, Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology, QLD


The 21st Century City in Nature; Prospects for a new High Rise Urbanism

3.00 – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea

3.30 – 4.30pm

Forum Panel moderated by Dr Ben Guy, CEO, Urban Circus

• Mr Robert Caulfield, Architect, Caulfield Krivanek Architects Pty Ltd, VIC
• Mr Peter Edwards, Director, Archipelago, QLD
• Mr Phillip Roos, Deakin University, School of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment, VIC
• Dr Christine Satchell, Senior Research Fellow, Urban Informatics Research Lab, Queensland University of Technology, QLD
• Prof Edward Sullivan, Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, USA


Conference Close


Wednesday 3rd September 2014

9.00 – 12.00pm

Conference Tour - $70.00 per person   (Registration and payment for the tour is via the conference registration forms only)


Tour 1

Walking Tour - Bank to Bentham
Meet in the Intercontinental Adelaide hotel lobby
Tour Description:
Linking the large scale urban infrastructure projects of Victoria Square and the Adelaide Oval, this walking tour will explore the route between them. Identified through the 5000+ An Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide, this route is currently being planned and developed as a safe and vibrant green boulevard between the riverbank and the Central Markets, offering an alternative route between these cultural nodes.
Urban realm upgrades have offered an intimate and safe route for pedestrians and cyclists, through street treatment such tree-lined footpaths, public art and street furniture. Ground level activation has transformed under utilised building stock into a fine grain tapestry of retail and dining options, interwoven with small scale businesses and upper level mixed use developments.


Tour 2

Walking Tour - Greater Riverbank Precinct – Adelaide's Great Park
Meet in the Intercontinental Adelaide hotel lobby
Tour Description:
Renewal SA is currently working in partnership with the Adelaide City Council and other State Government agencies to prepare a roadmap for the renewal of the Greater Riverbank Precinct over the next 20 years. Much of the development is already underway.
This tour will cover the precinct stretching from Hackney Road to Bonython Park, encompassing the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide Oval, SAHMRI, Convention Centre and Festival Centre – and all that lies along the River Torrens, with sporting fields, universities, cafés and restaurants, walking, running and cycling trails.


Tour 3


Walking Tour - Bowden – Redefining City Living 

Tour Description:
Since Renewal SA acquired the 16.3 ha site Bowden has begun its transformation into a vibrant inner-city destination blending history and culture with high quality architecture and sustainability.

Bowden redefines space and living, building a community where people can live without a car yet stay connected in every way. 3,500 residents will soon call this place home, availing themselves of the cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, parks and gardens on their doorstep.

This is a charismatic, commercially-viable neighbourhood where flexibility is key to addressing market shifts and demographic changes. 

Poster Presenters

Creative approaches to regional development: a rural Victorian case study
Ms Mitra Anderson-Oliver, Consultant, SGS Economics and Planning, VIC

Designing for Productivity - Design tools for a healthy community
Ms Robina Crook, Associate, HASSELL, WA

Ideas for Compact Living: An Architectural Exploration of Occupant Behaviours to Compact Housing
Ms Melinda Dodson, Director Melinda Dodson Architects, PhD Candidate University of Canberra, ACT

What lies ahead for the traditional shopping district and land use?
Mr Ajith Kuruvilla, The University of Melbourne, VIC

Living Building Challenge in Australia: Lessons learned from the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre
Mr Weston Lewis, University of Melbourne, VIC

Framework For Land Value Capture From The Investment In Transit In Car Dependent Cities
Mr James McIntosh, Integrated Land Use & Transport Planning Consultant

General Systems Theory and the Eco-social© Environment
Dr Yaacov, John B. Myers , Director Clinical Science research, Wellspring's Universal Environment P/L, VIC

2km Safe & Healthy Zone Travel to School Framework
Mr Damian O'Sullivan, Principal Officer, Ipswich City Council, QLD

Family-friendly urban areas – trends, drivers and characteristics
Dr Brett Robertson, Principal Planning Officer, Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment, QLD

Planning in the face of uncertain futures: why an external explorative scenario planning approach should be applied to complex waterfront urban renewal projects
Mr Tom Shield, Urban Designer, Tract Consultants, VIC

Public Art, Place-making and Social Capital: An Adelaide Case Study
Ms Serena Somers, University of South Australia, SA

Disaster risk reduction, resilience and abundance, a biocapacity model for urban design
Mr Peter Stevens, Lecturer, University of Newcastle, NSW

Testing a bike-sharing system on the Gold Coast
Miss Lorene Texier, HRD student, Griffith University- Insa de Rennes, QLD

TURF WARS: A rise in the battle over public space
Mr David Vago, Principal, Habitation, NSW

7 Senses Cities
Mr Tobias Volbert, Business Development Manager / Landscape Architect, 7 Senses Foundation , QLD

Terrace 62: A case study of successful Architect / Developer collaboration to provide low-cost housing
Ms Heather Wasley, Master of Philosophy Candidate, The University of Adelaide, SA

3 G City Model and city transformation in China
Prof Jianying Yuan, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute, CHINA
Mr Jue Wang, Architect, CHINA