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16 – 18 November 2015

Brisbane, Queensland

" Empowering Change: Transformative Innovations and Projects "

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Sponsors, Exhibitors and Supporters 2015

Brisbane City Council


Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in Australia. Our responsibility is to provide leadership and good governance for the people of Brisbane, and to manage our resources to create a prosperous, well-designed and efficiently serviced New World City. 

Council plays a key role in planning for Brisbane’s future development. We have a number of projects underway to renew and revitalise areas across our city to ensure Brisbane remains a vibrant, creative city known for good design.

We are proud to support the 8th International Urban Design Conference and welcome delegates to our beautiful city.

Cities Today

Cities Today is the only global magazine containing analysis, comment and best practices on sustainable urban development, connecting local governments with public and private sector solutions.
With an expert editorial advisory board comprising the World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP, and city associations ICLEI, C40, UCLG ASPAC, UCLG Africa, UCLG MEWA, Sister Cities International and FLACMA, the publication highlights the challenges facing city leaders and local governments in mobility, finance, smart technology, health care, energy efficiency, water, sanitation, security and housing.

Deakin Unviersity

Deakin University

One of Australia’s most innovative of its kind; the Faculty of Society & Design is dedicated to applying the latest theory, research and sustainable practices to its programs. Including the areas of Architecture, Built Environments, Communication, Creative Media, Humanities, and Social Sciences our vision is to deliver students with an innovative, practical and supportive environment in which to study. Our degrees are informed by research, flexible in their structure and practical in their application and with direct access to lecturers, encouraging you to widen your sense to what is humanly possible.

Landmark Products

Landmark Products is Australia's leading designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of Park Shelters, Restrooms, Pedestrian Bridges, Access Structures and Street Furniture for urban and community spaces.

Established over 26 years ago we have built a comprehensive range of standard pre-manufactured kit-form products for reduced on-site disturbance. We can easily modify these standard designs or custom design and engineer providing you the optimum solution.

Landmark is accredited to ISO9001 Quality Management System ensuring you get quality repeatable and measured outcomes.

We can also install all of our product range so we can complete a project from start to finish.

Visit us at www.landmarkpro.com.au or call us on 1300768230



The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) is a member-based not-for-profit public and private industry council. ISCA is the peak industry body for advancing sustainability outcomes in infrastructure.  ISCA specialise in the facilitation and development of industry led performance based integrated triple-bottom-line governance and reporting frameworks, decision tools and rating tools; generating communities of practice throughout the lifecycle from funding, planning, procurement, design and delivery to operations and maintenance. The principal means by which ISCA is advancing sustainability outcomes in infrastructure is through the development and facilitation of the IS rating scheme.


Ever wondered why a building or object looks the way it does and then discovered that there are more things wrong about it then there are right. As design professionals we are seeing these things all the time and asking “WHY?”  So in true proactive style the WASP Studio began. WASP is a collective of frustrated professionals looking for a better way not only to deliver great design and architecture but also demonstrating that there is a better way.   WASP may not have the answer straight away but we will and we’ll have fun on the journey.
Visit www.wasp-studio.com

PO Box 5426, West End, Queensland, Australia 4101
141 Sylvan Road, Toowong, Queensland, Australia 4066
Phone: +61 7 33417977
Fax: +61 7 3341 6977
Email: mail@wasp-studio.com / wasp@williamsonarchitects.com.au
Website: www.wasp-studio.com


Economic Development Queensland 

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is a specialist land use planning and property development unit within the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

EDQ engages with state and local government, the development industry and the public to identify, plan, facilitate and deliver property development and infrastructure projects to create prosperous, livable and connected communities.

EDQ drives a range of development projects including large complex urban sites which facilitate renewal, regional residential projects which respond to community need, industrial activities which generate on-going employment opportunities and infrastructure projects which activate further development.

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